Download CIW.1D0-621.PassCertification.2019-02-14.33q.tqb

Vendor: CIW
Exam Code: 1D0-621
Exam Name: CIW User Interface Designer
Date: Feb 14, 2019
File Size: 133 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
Dylan is trying to decide where to host his small personal website. He thinks his best option would be to get a Web site hosting account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Which of the following is a reason that would support this decision?
  1. Hosting with an ISP is the only way to ensure that a site is available to all users worldwide.
  2. ISPs often offer a large selection of Web applications at no extra charge.
  3. Hosting your site with an ISP ensures your site is validated to W3C standards.
  4. An ISP will often block a site from loading if it is self-hosted, due to security concerns.
Correct answer: B
Question 2
When a new user visits your proprietary site, what is typically the first method of interaction with them?
  1. A welcome e-mail message
  2. A registration form allowing access to the site
  3. Log file entry notifying you of new visitor activity
  4. Shopping cart activity
Correct answer: C
Question 3
You need to update your website for better search engine optimization. You’ve heard of technology that will search web pages, read the code and store the data for public search engines. What kind of technology is this?
  1. Web crawler
  2. Static index
  3. Database
  4. Dynamic index
Correct answer: A

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