Download Cisco.820-605.NewDumps.2023-08-03.24q.tqb

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 820-605
Exam Name: Cisco Customer Success Manager
Date: Aug 03, 2023
File Size: 374 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two barriers of adoption in an organization? (Choose two.)
  1. new product sales motion
  2. lack of knowledge on solution
  3. organizational announcements
  4. implementation issues
  5. hiring practices
Correct answer: BD
Question 2
Which of these is included in a success plan?
  1. confidential customer information
  2. customer business outcomes
  3. customer HR processes
  4. services cost
Correct answer: BD
Question 3
A customer’s renewal is due in the next 6 months. Analytical data has been provided to the Customer Success Manager that shows customer usage over the last 12 months. Which two additional pieces of information are important prior to a meeting with the customer to discuss their adoption journey prior to the renewal? 
(Choose two.)
  1. customer annual report and quarterly business reviews
  2. sales account plan
  3. detailed contract inventory
  4. QUESTION NO:s to validate the interpreted analytical data
  5. support tickets reports and diagnostic information
Correct answer: AD

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