Download Cisco.500-450.VCEplus.2021-03-05.95q.tqb

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 500-450
Exam Name: Implementing and Supporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Date: Mar 05, 2021
File Size: 2 MB

Demo Questions

Question 1
In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise with Cisco Unified CVP, which two statements about how to increase the Cisco Unified CVP availability are true? (Choose two.)
  1. Must have SIP Proxy server to pass messages between the gateways and the Cisco Unified CVP servers.
  2. Must have voice gateway TCL scripts to handle conditions where the gateways cannot contact the Cisco Unified CVP Call Server to direct the call correctly.
  3. Add load balancers to load balance .wav file requests across multiple Cisco Unified CVP Media Servers.
  4. Dedicate duplexed VRU peripheral gateways for each Cisco Unified CVP call server.
  5. For a single data center with centralized deployment, deploy Cisco Unified CVP with N:N redundancy.
Correct answer: BC
Question 2
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise is deployed with Cisco Finesse and you make changes to CTI Server, Contact Center Enterprise Administration, or cluster settings.  
Which service must be restarted for changes to take effect?
  1. Cluster Manager
  2. System Application Agent
  3. Cisco DB
  4. Cisco Tomcat
  5. Cisco Dirsync  
Correct answer: D
Question 3
Within Cisco Unified ICM, which process handles communication between the router and peripheral gateway components?
  1. dbagent
  2. opcs
  3. ccagent
  4. mds
Correct answer: C

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