Download Cisco.350-901.Braindump2go.2021-04-20.159q.tqb

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 350-901
Exam Name: Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR)
Date: Apr 20, 2021
File Size: 11 MB

Demo Questions

Question 1
AppGigabitEthernet interface is used as data port for a container on a Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switch. Which two interface configuration options should be used? (Choose two.)
  1. trunk interface
  2. bridged virtual interface
  3. SPAN port
  4. management interface
  5. subinterface
Correct answer: AC
Question 2
Which two types of storage are supported for app hosting on a Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switch? (Choose two.)
  1. external USB storage
  2. internal SSD
  3. CD-ROM
  4. SD-card
  5. bootflash
Correct answer: AB
Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration of method and parameter retrieves the health of a laptop connected to the network from Cisco DNA Center?  
  1. PUT; network-health;
  2. GET; client-health;
  3. GET; network-device;
  4. POST; network-device;
Correct answer: C

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