Download Cisco.350-701.NewDumps.2021-02-14.213q.tqb

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 350-701
Exam Name: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies
Date: Feb 14, 2021
File Size: 6 MB

Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two key and block sizes are valid for AES? (Choose two.)
  1. 64-bit block size, 112-bit key length
  2. 64-bit block size, 168-bit key length
  3. 128-bit block size, 192-bit key length
  4. 128-bit block size, 256-bit key length
  5. 192-bit block size, 256-bit key length
Correct answer: CD
Question 2
Refer to the exhibit. 
Which command was used to generate this output and to show which ports are authenticating with dot1x or mab?
  1. show authentication registrations
  2. show authentication method
  3. show dot1x all
  4. show authentication sessions
Correct answer: D
Question 3
Which proxy mode must be used on Cisco WSA to redirect TCP traffic with WCCP?
  1. transparent
  2. redirection
  3. forward
  4. proxy gateway
Correct answer: A

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