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Vendor: Checkpoint
Exam Code: 156-215.77
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Security Administrator
Date: Dec 27, 2017
File Size: 7 MB

Demo Questions

Question 1
You manage a global network extending from your base in Chicago to Tokyo, Calcutta and Dallas. Management wants a report detailing the current software level of each Enterprise class Security Gateway. You plan to take the opportunity to create a proposal outline, listing the most cost-effective way to upgrade your Gateways. 
Which two SmartConsole applications will you use to create this report and outline?
  1. SmartView Tracker and SmartView Monitor
  2. SmartLSM and SmartUpdate
  3. SmartDashboard and SmartView Tracker
  4. SmartView Monitor and SmartUpdate
Correct answer: D
Question 2
Your bank's distributed R77 installation has Security Gateways up for renewal. 
Which SmartConsole application will tell you which Security Gateways have licenses that will expire within the next 30 days?
  1. SmartView Tracker
  2. SmartPortal
  3. SmartUpdate
  4. SmartDashboard
Correct answer: C
Question 3
When launching SmartDashboard, what information is required to log into R77?
  1. User Name, Management Server IP, certificate fingerprint file
  2. User Name, Password, Management Server IP
  3. Password, Management Server IP
  4. Password, Management Server IP, LDAP Server IP
Correct answer: B

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