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Vendor: C++ Institute
Exam Code: CPP
Exam Name: C++ Certified Professional Programmer
Date: Nov 22, 2023
File Size: 231 KB
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Demo Questions

Question 1
With regard to a potential nuclear attack, the attention or alert signal is usually a:
  1. 30-second wavering sound on sirens
  2. 30-second steady blast
  3. 2-minute wavering sound
  4. 4-minute wavering sound
  5. 3-to-5-minute steady blast on siren
Correct answer: E
Question 2
Which action should not be taken if one hears a standard warning signal of potential nuclear attack?
  1. Go to a public fallout shelter.
  2. Go to a home fallout shelter.
  3. Turn on the radio.
  4. Telephone the nearest civil defense office for more information.
  5. None of the above.
Correct answer: D
Question 3
Which of the following is not a recommended treatment for a person who may be in shock?
  1. Keep the person lying down.
  2. Keep the person from chilling.
  3. Keep the person's head a little lower than his or her hips.
  4. Encourage the person to drink.
  5. Give the person alcohol to drink.
Correct answer: E

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