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Vendor: Blockchain
Exam Code: CBDE
Exam Name: BTA Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum
Date: Oct 26, 2019
File Size: 126 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
A Hashing Algorithm is deterministic. What does it mean? 
  1. it always produces the same output given the same input.
  2. it uses equally distributed data to produce the output given a long input.
  3. it shouldn't be possible to re-generate the input given the output.
Correct answer: A
Question 2
What's the correct scientific notation?
  1. 1 Ether = 10^18 wei, 10^9 Gwei, 10^3 Finney
  2. 1 Ether = 10^19 wei, 10^13 Gwei, 10^3 Finney
  3. 1 Ether = 10^16 wei, 10^13 Gwei, 10^3 Finney
  4. 1 Ether = 10^18 wei, 10^6 Gwei, 10^6 Finney
Correct answer: A
Question 3
What are Private Keys used for?
  1. To Protect the Public Keys by being cryptographically significant.
  2. To Sign Transactions And To Derive an Address From.
  3. To Generate An Address which can sign transactions.
Correct answer: B

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