Download Avaya.7893X.TestInside.2019-01-30.55q.tqb

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 7893X
Exam Name: Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance
Date: Jan 30, 2019
File Size: 193 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
Which application can be used to show available resources in an IP500 V2?
  1. DbgView
  2. IP Office Manager
  3. Monitor
  4. System Status Application
Correct answer: D
References: Page: 9
References: Page: 9
Question 2
Which outcome can be prevented with a correctly configured multi-site SCN solution?
  1. tromboned calls
  2. oversubscribed VMPro ports
  3. compromised ACD routes
  4. oversubscribed VoiceMail storage
Correct answer: B
Question 3
In a Small Community Network (SCN) with Distributed Voicemail, which two are required? (Choose two.)
  1. Local Host file
  2. SMTP unblocked between Voicemail servers
  3. Preferred Edition Licenses on all IP Office systems
  4. Port 80 supported
  5. IIS installed on all Voicemail Pro servers.
Correct answer: BE
References: Page: 133 to 140
References: Page: 133 to 140

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