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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 7120X
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Core Components Integration Exam
Date: Feb 19, 2019
File Size: 182 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three configuration points are necessary before you can build a Network Routing Policy? (Choose three.)
  1. Location
  2. User Profile
  3. Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) Profile
  4. Domain
  5. SIP Entity
Correct answer: ADE
Question 2
When a simple SIP telephone without CM Features, registers to Avaya Aura® Core, which IP address will it register to?
  1. Avaya Aura® Session Manager SM100 IP Address
  2. Avaya Aura® Session Manager Management IP Address
  3. Avaya Aura® System Manager IP Address
  4. Avaya Aura® Communication Manager IP Address.
Correct answer: A
Question 3
Which configuration step is necessary to make a Simple SIP Phone register successfully with Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM)?
  1. Create a Communication Manager Profile for that user.
  2. Add a Routing Profile for that endpoint.
  3. Build a SIP Trunk to Avaya Aura® Communication Manager.
  4. Create a Communication Profile for that SIP User.
Correct answer: D

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