Download Atlassian.ACP-600.VCEplus.2020-03-16.65q.tqb

Vendor: Atlassian
Exam Code: ACP-600
Exam Name: Project Administration in Jira Server
Date: Mar 16, 2020
File Size: 980 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
View the extract of a Jira Software Scrum project's permission scheme shown.
The project uses a simplified workflow.
Who can drag and drop issues to the Closed column on the board?
  1. only the board administrator
  2. any user with Jira Software application access
  3. nobody
  4. any logged in user
  5. only members of the Administrators project role
Correct answer: B
Question 2
For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:
  • I need to be able to edit time logs.
  • I need to be able to delete time logs.
Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)
  1. Schedule Issues
  2. Edit All Worklogs
  3. Move Issues
  4. Delete All Worklogs
  5. Work On Issues
  6. Edit All Comments
Correct answer: BDE
Question 3
Indicate which two use cases require the use of issue-level security within a project. (Choose two.)
  1. Only managers should be able to see Critical issues in the project. 
  2. Only managers should be able to choose who sees certain issues in the project.
  3. Only managers should be able to see the project.
  4. Only managers should be able to set the Due Date on issues in the project.
  5. Only managers should be able to Close issues in the project.
Correct answer: BC

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