Download Arista.ACE-A1.2.SelfTestEngine.2019-04-19.74q.tqb

Vendor: Arista
Exam Code: ACE-A1.2
Exam Name: Arista Certified Engineering Associate
Date: Apr 19, 2019
File Size: 326 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
On EOS 4.13.1F, which of the following statements are true in regards to Arista’s Tap Aggregation feature? (Select two)
  1. Tap ports are send only.
  2. Tap ports are receive only.
  3. Tool ports are send only.
  4. Tool ports are receive only.
Correct answer: AD
Question 2
Which of the following Arista switch series’ supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)?
  1. 7050
  2. 7280E
  3. 7300
  4. 7500E
Correct answer: D
Reference: (see introduction)
Reference: (see introduction)
Question 3
On an Arista switch, which port is used to connect a laptop to the switch for initial configuration or password recovery?
  1. Ethernet 1
  2. Console
  3. Management 1
  4. Ethernet 1/1
Correct answer: A

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