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Vendor: APICS
Exam Code: CSCP
Exam Name: APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional
Date: Jul 16, 2019
File Size: 350 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following situations is an example of postponement?
  1. Shipments are broken down into small groups for reshipment.
  2. Shipments are consolidated immediately for reshipment.
  3. Production begins after a customer order is received.
  4. Partially assembled goods are assembled at a later stage.
Correct answer: D
Question 2
Which of the following situations is an example of inventory being held as a way to balance supply and demand?
  1. A manufacturer holds inventory of key components to maintain a level production schedule.
  2. A manufacturer of seasonal products builds finished-goods inventory before the peak selling period.
  3. A distributor maintains safety stock of slow-moving items at a central distribution center.
  4. A retailer stocks a variety of sizes and colors of a fast-selling item to avoid losing sales.
Correct answer: B
Question 3
A company's annual cost of goods sold is $350 million, and inventory carrying cost is 18%. The company averages four inventory turns. The cost savings resulting from increasing inventory turns from four to six would be:
  1. $29,000,000.
  2. $15,750,000.
  3. $10,500,000.
  4. $ 5,250,000.
Correct answer: D

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