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Vendor: API
Exam Code: API-580
Exam Name: Risk Based Inspection
Date: Sep 20, 2018
File Size: 180 KB

Demo Questions

Question 1
The amount and type of codes and standards used by a facility can have
  1. Significant impact on RBI results
  2. No impact on RBI results
  3. Less significant impact on RBI results
Correct answer: A
Question 2
Who should be consulted to define the equipment deterioration mechanisms, susceptibility and potential failure modes?
  1. A metallurgist or corrosion specialist
  2. A metallurgist and corrosion specialist
  3. A metallurgist only
  4. Corrosion specialist only
Correct answer: A
Question 3
_________ are the primary inputs into the probability of failure evaluation.
  1. The deterioration mechanisms, rates and susceptibilities
  2. Loss of containment f fluid
  3. Fluid toxicity and its concentration
  4. Damage mechanisms and its severity
Correct answer: A

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