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Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: AD0-E117
Exam Name: Adobe Experience Manager Architect Master
Date: Jan 30, 2024
File Size: 2 MB

Demo Questions

Question 1
A news agency editor wants to publish news articles to an intermediate Publish (preview) instance for internal review before publishing the article to production Publish instance.
Which two steps should the Architect recommend? (Choose two.)
  1. Create a closed user group (CUG) for editors
  2. Create a reverse replication agent on preview server
  3. Create a separate live copy to preview content
  4. Set up a new replication agent for preview server
  5. Create a custom publish workflow
Correct answer: BC
Question 2
A financial sector client is using AEM 6.5 on premise. The creative team needs to create the content for the various marketing campaigns that are scheduled. The client wants to use Experience Fragments (XF) to accelerate content creation for marketing purposes.
Which Data flow diagram should an Architect use to communicate requirements to the client network team?
Correct answer: C
Question 3
A user is part of the Employees LDAP group synchronized with AEM. The same user is added to the authors group in AEM. The user is then removed from the Employees group on the LDAP server.
What is the result during the next synchronization with AEM?
  1. The user is removed from both the Employees and the AEM authors groups
  2. The user is removed from the authors group but not the Employees group in AEM
  3. The user is removed from the Employees group but not the authors group in AEM
  4. The user is not removed from either the Employees and the AEM authors groups
Correct answer: A

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